Tips for Healthy Teeth

Nutritious tips for healthy teeth:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat a variety of healthy food from the 5 major food groups.
  • Limit snacks and drinks high in sugar.
  • Cut down on snacking between meals.
  • Eat fiber rich raw food, which massage the gum and clean the teeth.
  • After eating citrus fruits or juices, rinse your mouth with water, as the acids present in them weaken enamel.
  • Avoid sipping sugary drinks, it is best to drink quickly than have continuous exposure to your teeth.

The Anxious Patient

Our mission at Foust Family Dental Care is to provide comfortable treatments in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere so that all patients feel relaxed and welcome in our office. It’s normal for those who have had a negative past experience at a dental office is more likely to feel anxious about future apptointments. Unfortunately, avoiding regular check ups and cleanings can lead to serious tooth decay, gum disease and other avoidable dental problems.

We give every patient personalized care. Besides having a compassionate dentist, we believe having a kind staff is just as necessary to easing patient’s anxiety. Our staff listens to patients concerns and gives every patient gentle, attentive care. We offer soothing nitrous oxide sedation to help ease tension. We also use Digital X-rays that greatly reduces exposure to radiation.

At Foust Family Dental Care we provide a positive and relaxing dental experience. Come visit us at our West Des Moines office and see the difference for yourself!